Nourish was created by a board certified veterinary nutritionist. As she was creating homemade diet formulations for her patients, her clients lamented that there was no canine chewable supplement compatible with homemade diet formulations. After hearing this enough times, it was time to create something wonderful that filled this need!

There are so many benefits to home-cooking for dogs. But only if it's done right! Nourish makes getting your dog the supplements it needs in it's homemade diet ENJOYABLE! There is also no guess work involved in dosing. Just give the number of tablets your veterinary nutritionist recommends to go with the ingredients chosen for your dog. This is individual diet customization at its finest. To get started, contact your veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist for a diet formulation using Nourish. 

A list of of board certified veterinary nutritionists qualified to create balanced homemade diets, can be found at www.ACVN.org.

Nourish is woman (wife, mom, daughter, veterinarian, pet-lover) owned.

Want a homemade diet formulated for your dog by the owner? Have your veterinarian visit www.RMStreeterAnimalNutrition.com to set up a consultation.

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